The Masterpiece Society

As a friend of the Louvre Museum, you know that with nearly 10 million annual visitors, the Louvre is the most popular art museum in the world. Not surprisingly, the largest group of foreign visitors hail from the United States with over 1 million Americans visiting the Louvre each year.

U.S. visitors have helped shape and preserve the Louvre through membership in American Friends of the Louvre (AFL) – founded in 2002 to strengthen the Louvre’s importance as both a historical and cultural resource for our nation.

Members of AFL have invested in programs and projects that total more than $23,000,000 in less than a decade. Our members take great pride in knowing that they have played a key role in enhancing the experience of American visitors by funding, among other things:

  • Exhibition and educational exchanges with museums in the United States ranging from the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco;
  • Gallery restorations and conservation of works of art as diverse and historically important as the Winged Victory of Samothrace to the Louvre’s incomparable collection of 18th century decorative arts;
  • Contemporary art exhibitions and programs in Paris and in the United States;
  • Creation of English language text panels throughout the galleries; and the
  • Purchase and donation of paintings to expand the museum’s holdings of American art.

To continue this remarkable American legacy and to ensure that current and future generations continue to experience the uniqueness and sheer delight of the Louvre’s holdings, AFL has created The Masterpiece Society.

By joining The Masterpiece Society you not only care for the Louvre, but through thoughtful gift and estate planning, you may receive significant tax benefits that help you and your loved ones for years to come.

A planned gift will enable Americans of today and tomorrow to experience the majesty of the Louvre and to learn from its incomparable art collections spanning human civilization. Planned gifts can be made to benefit the mission of American Friends of the Louvre or support the establishment of named funds to benefit the Louvre Endowment.

Through a planned gift, donors create a legacy, forge an enduring relationship, and help safeguard the Louvre’s incomparable resources for future generations. Including AFL in your estate plan is simple to do. In addition to financial contributions, AFL is also able to accept gifts of personal property, such as works of art and real estate.

As a member of The Masterpiece Society, your gift will be recognized with your permission, in American Friends of the Louvre publications and related communications, allowing AFL to formally thank you for this inspiring generosity.

Benefits of The Masterpiece Society membership include:

  • Invitations to events in the United States and Paris
  • Annual Newsletter
  • Assistance with privileged museum access when in Paris
  • Invitation to the annual AFL Gala

To learn more, please contact Sue Devine, Executive Director, or complete the attached Confidential Response Form:

American Friends of the Louvre
305 East 47th Street
10th Floor
New York, NY 10017
(917) 717-5031